As a compass of the changing world


rain Inc. supports companies to go to the global market
by specialists network
in more than 40 countries over the world.

Organizing appropriate team structure based on research objectives and project scale.

Individual specialists
Local research agencies
Local universities professors
  1. Providing latestinformation
    fromlocal point of viewand
    global outlooks.
  2. Doing survey byrain's specialists
    around the globe
    at the same
    time parallelly Managing and
    coordinating those specialists
    and provide outcome in one stop.
  3. Supporting major research
    agencies and think-tanks’
    strategy development
    behind the scene.
  4. Following up from beginning to
    the end and supporting clients’ needs speedy.

business domain

Providing various services to fit your needs.

  • Research

    Economic and Social analysis

    • Populations
    • Disposal income
    • Macro-Economic indicators
    • Socio-Economic survey
    • Distribution channel
    • Regulations, rules, laws

    Industry survey

    • Industry market size and trend
    • Major players
    • Major player’s details
    • Management team’s characteristics
    • SKU line-up
    • Sales ranking
    • New product line-up
    • Price range
    • Production site information

    Consumers research

    • FGI(Focus Group Interview)
    • In Depth Interview
    • Home Visit
    • Online survey
    • Central Location Test
  • Coordination

    Business meeting support

    • Long listing of visiting sites
    • Appointment arrangement
    • Attending business trip, interpretation
    • After follow-up

    Business tour support

    • Long listing of visiting sites
    • Business tour coordination/ schedule arrangement
    • Arrangements
    • Local support
    • After follow-up
  • Analyzation

    Existing data analysis

    • Existing data analysis
    • Writing report

    Survey data analysis

    • Survey outcome data analysis
    • Writing report
  • Business records


    • Major research agencies, Ad agencies, think-tanks, consulting firms, and others

    Recent major works

    • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI): International Economic Research Project for the Formulation of an
      Integrated Domestic and Foreign Economic Growth Strategy for FY2020
      (Basic research project on the Brunei Darussalam Presidency for consideration of new ASEAN-Japan cooperation)
    • Survey on Toilet Market in the U.S.
    • Central Location Test on food products in Indonesia
    • Group interview on seasonings in Taiwan
    • Depth interview on disposable diapers for children in Indonesia and Thailand
    • Matching of supplement distributors in Vietnam and Malaysia
    • Partner search survey for a building materials manufacturer in Thailand
    • Survey on home appliances market in Vietnam
    • Survey on a disease in the U.S.
    • Survey on the insurance system in China
    • Survey on Japan's future forecast
    • Survey on the automobile market in Cambodia
    • Survey on large theaters in UAE, Uruguay and Peru
    • Survey on consumer electronics in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan
    • Survey on alcoholic beverages in five European countries
    • Survey on industrial parks in Thailand
    • Social listening survey on children's diapers in Thailand and Indonesia
    • Survey on culture in 12 countries
      (12 countries from East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania)
    • Survey on plant-based food in Germany, China, and Australia
    • Survey on medical devices in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and France
    • Sporting Goods Market Research in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia
    • Survey on soft drinks in Malaysia
    • Survey on Cosmetics in Korea
    • Survey on Cosmetics System in Singapore and Thailand
    • Survey on sweeteners in Turkey
    • Research on quantum computers in the U.S., U.K., and France
    • Survey on Advertising Systems in the U.K., Canada, Australia, France and Germany
    • Survey on elevator market in UAE and Philippines
  • rain's world wide network


Company profile

Company name rain Inc.
Establishment 14th January 2014
Address Nittochibiru2F, 1-4-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1000013
Tel +81-3-4405-9240
Business Domain
  • Target area economic and social analysis
  • Industry survey (Industry market size, major players)
  • Partner candidate survey (long listing, short listing, interview)
  • Consumer research (Online survey, Focus Group Interview, In-depth interview)
  • Report writing
  • Business meeting support (Appointment arrangement, business discussion support, after follow-up)
  • Business trip support (business trip schedule arrangement, linguistic support)
Related Sites

managing director, rain Inc.

Sayaka Fukuda

  • Bachelor degree from Keio University faculty of Policy Management
  • Master degree from Chuo University Graduate school of Policy Studies
  • Acting as a Managing Director of rain since Jan. 2014 (founder)
  • Working for a NPO to provide educational ODA project for ASEAN for 10 years (6 years experiences in Bangkok during the period)
  • Research associate of Keio University Graduate school of media and governance
  • 6 years experiences as a research analyst for a strategic consulting firm to support Asian business

RAIN’s Advisors

  • Prof. Dr. Takeru Ohe(Advisor to Wased University)

    • Professor at Waseda Business School of Waseda University, Ph.D. in Experimental Physics, Board member of Cognex Japan K.K and WERU Investment K.K., Consultant for corporate venturing activities, Advisor of Waseda Open Innovation Center for Open Innovation
    • Dr. Ohe has vast experience as a consultant for companies competing in the high tech industries of the United States, Europe and Japan. He founded T. Ohe & Associates, Inc. in 1982 to assist companies in building better businesses in Japan. Before beginning his consulting practice, he was General Manager of Dymo Japan, Inc., a large Japanese subsidiary of Dymo Industries.
    • Dr. Ohe currently sits on the boards of Cognex Japan K.K., a Boston-based machine vision manufacturer; and WERU Investment K.K. a zero stage capital new business investment firm associated with Waseda University.
    • Dr. Ohe is currently a professor at Waseda Business School of Waseda University. He teaches Corporate Venture and Entrepreneurship courses. His research interests cover Experimental Management and Open Innovation. He has also been consulting on corporate venturing activities with clients that including Matsushita, NTT, Olympus, Seiko Epson, Taiheiyou Cement, Konica, LG, and IBM.
    • Dr. Ohe has a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from the University of Maryland and an M.B.A. from Columbia University Graduate. School of Business. Dr. Ohe has a BS degree in Physics from Nippon University in Tokyo.